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Turkey uprooted 40 trees within military operations

AFRIN- The Turkish occupation army uprooted more than 40 forest trees in the village of Balya in Bulbul district in Afrin canton; moreover, they built a barrier between Bakur and Rojava, and their military operations are still ongoing on the border of ‫(1)

The Turkish occupation army is still occupying Afrin lands and villages, and building the barrier between Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan in addition to attacking civilians’ possessions and lands. In addition to that, the Turkish occupation is carrying out its military operations on the border line, and their drones hover over the canton every now and then.

According to Hawar news agency reporter in Bulbul, the Turkish occupation army is opening the military roads within the lands of Balya village that have been occupied in order to put its military machineries in the lands.

The Turkish occupation army also uprooted 40 forest trees in Balya village while the operation of uprooting is ongoing in the village.

The Turkish occupation is also building a barrier between Balya village in Bulbul district and Marjoqa village in Bakur Kurdistan, the length of barrier reached 3 km.

On the other side, the Turkish occupation army turned the lights off on Friday night on the border line in coincidence with two warplanes hovering at 01:00 as the warplanes were hovering over Afrin villages till Saturday morning at 04:00.

Sources from Balya village told Hawar news agency that during hovering the warplanes over the canton, the Turkish occupation turned the lights of the border off, and the military machineries started to wander on the border without knowing what is happening.


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