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A funeral ceremony in Ain Issa Camp

     The joint presidency of the People’s House, the President of the Council of Martyrs’ Families, the leaders of the SDF , the cadres of the civil administrations and the Women’s House presented a condolence to the family  of the  martyr , Wasel Al Shehab in Ain Issa Camp. The brother of the martyr Mohammed al-Shehab gave a speech to the mothers of the martyrs saying : “The martyr sacrificed all that he has to live behind him a free democratic life, the glory of all the martyrs and the great leader Abdullah Ocalan and he greeted the SDF.  . Farhan Haj Issa, one of the leaders of the SDF also expressed his condolences on behalf of the SDF and called for following the martyr and renewing the covenant by following the path of the martyrs and taking revenge for them until liberation of the homeland from the enemies of humanity and achieving the goal of living in dignity in Democratic Syria that is for all, Syria   of brotherhood and Syria of union of land and people. I swear that we will follow the tyrants who messed up in this country when they said that Kobane will fall and we said it will not fall but all those who came to destroy the country owners of illegal marriage and slaughter and cutting off necks will fall. Our forces will announce   from their false capital the victory which comes near day after day because of our martyrs’ determination and their blood. Our martyrs became as gods and we will fold their flag. I swear we will liberate Syria from these to live a life of dignity worthy of our next generations and we will live in partnership and harmony and brotherhood on the approach of the democratic decentralized nation in Syria “Let the people of the martyr their heads. Our martyrs are alive in our consciences and the martyr is alive and he never dies.

The Movement name: Wasel

Name and nickname: Wasel Shehab

Birth place: Raqqa, alJazra Crossroad.

Born: 1997

Date of join: 2017

Date of martyrdom: 8/8/2017.






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