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Children of Raqqa: Those who survived from ISIS swords , they may not survive the ISIS mines

Mines are considered the most serious threating civilians after the demise of the terrorist ISIS . It is no less important than it. Despite the ISIS defeated in the region, mines will continue to kill innocent people for decades.

And the difficulty of finding them. It is known that the terrorist ISIS and other radical organizations have long experience in laying mines and camouflaging them so that they are difficult to detect or remove without the presence of specialized organizations and experts in the field of demining . Tal al-Saman, Village that is in the northern countryside of Raqqa was planted in mines.

Turki Khalil al-Rahal, 15 years , Majed Hamed al-Rahal, 17, and Bashar al-Subhi 17) were victims of the remains of a mine that had planted in the village during the course of their work in grazing their sheep.

The remains of a mine planted by the terrorists on the village road Where they feed their sheep and they were wounded in serious injuries . They were taken to hospitals.

The injured persons were taken to the health center in ‘Ain’ Issa, who in turn took them to the Tel-Abyad National Hospital, where they were given first aid.

They were taken to Qamishlo for treatment. The victims were hospitalized for more than 15 days. . The left leg and the right toes of the boy ” Turki Khalil Al Rahal, were torn while the left foot of the boy Bashar Ahmed Al-Subhi, was disrupted while Majed Al-Rahal was lucky that fate gave him fractures and wounds rather than amputations. The families of the injured boys , especially the mothers expressed deep sorrow over the suffering of their children.

They spoke about the dangers facing the villages as a result of the massive spread of landmines . They called for specialized authorities to hurry the work to overcome these fears and ensure the future of the children of the villages and to protect them from bombs here and there . Similarly, the victims of these bombings need special psychological care and specialists in this field, and the mothers appealed to the specialized organizations to help the victims.

The Centre of Media of the SDF(MCSDF)

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