HomemanshetChildren’s Hospital in Al-Raqqa was liberated

Children’s Hospital in Al-Raqqa was liberated

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces continue their advance deep into Al-Raqqa city with strong clashes that led to deaths 48 of the mercenaries. As well, liberation of the children’s hospital in Al-Murur neighborhood.
In this context, the old neighborhood of Raqqa – east of the city, witnessed strong clashes between the fighters and the mercenaries. 21 of the mercenaries were killed, snipers among them. In the same neighborhood, the fighters could bomb ammunition vehicle.
In the western suburb of the city, as a result of the clashes broke out, the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters have liberated the children’s hospital from the mercenaries, where at least 16 of mercenaries were killed.
The fighters also made significant advance in Al-Nahda neighborhood – in the western side, where fighters were able to liberate several points of mercenaries control. As a result of the clashes that broke out, 11 of the mercenaries were killed.


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