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Deputy of General Commander of SDF: We did not hear the Commando Army

For the first time, all parties to the political, military, service and security work in the Northern Syrian Federation met with their counterparts in the International Coalition Against Terrorism at the table of the Civil Council in Ein Issa town, which turned into a vision of tomorrow’s Syria on August 6, 2017 .

If August was enough to ripened the figs and grapes, as Abu Tamam went, and he met with Mu’tasim, the call for relief, the statements that took place during this meeting were not less heat and flame of August. Yesterday, the statement of Ms. Elham Ahmed was confirmed that there is no place for one in the administration of Raqqa only its elected civil council, here we put in your hands the statements of Deputy of General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (Abdul Qadir Afedli) on some hour issues on the military side.
The Deputy of General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces commented on the level of coordination between them and the coalition, as well as the armament: “We are an official part of an international coalition against terrorism. We have coordination meetings at the highest level in order to increase the combat effectiveness of this war. Time or place, as it is not always within the purely military framework, information cooperation is part of this cooperation. As for the subject of armament which the media is constantly trying to keep for the hour, it is part of daily routine work, And our partners in the International Coalition are mainly related to Our campaign military is on terrorism.
On the media whirlwind that spread to the means of social communication and some of the media, which reported news of the transfer of the so-called commando army from the base of Altanaf to Shaddadi, and the start of the establishment of an army from there to liberate Dir Al-Zour, Deputy of General Commander said “that there is no such thing “Gerrilla army”, or at least as the Syrian Democratic Forces have not heard of it, and will not allow military formations in the areas of the effectiveness of SDF, except in accordance with our military and political standards.

“Our partners in the international coalition have not told us anything about this name. “It is just a hypothetical phenomenon; some may want to create a balanced voice equivalent to our victories. It is a desperate attempt to derail the liberation campaign or a miserable attempt to cover up the victories of our forces against terrorism.
On the agenda of their meeting with the International Coalition in the hospitality of the Civil Council, he said “they discussed with their partners in the international Coalition the issue of joining Raqqa to Northern Syrian Federation and the military challenges they are facing, whether during the liberation campaign or the next stage of liberation. The Syrian regime’s army on the lines of contact is on the agenda of the debate and the coalition must assume its official responsibilities. The borders and controls are set, they assured the partners that their forces are ready to respond to attacks by the regime’s army on the southern border Of federation”.
He wished the media to transfer the information as it, and not to be dragged into sound phenomena that are worthless.


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