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Directorate Supply: The eye of citizen is watching and his conscience is appointed

 within the framework of the Civil Council of Raqqa to build a democratic society that serves all citizens and within the framework of the policy of the Council, which seeks to alleviate the citizens who have been experiencing years of chaos and expense and random were the department of supply.

 The Department of Supply was established under the chairmanship of Mr. Ibrahim Rashid Al Ali in Ain Issa Town.

 The mission of this department is to monitor the commercial and economic activities in the whole of the liberated countryside of Raqqa to the city including markets, bakeries and stations, the old factories that have been activated and the new laboratories that have been established, selling in high and low prices and everything related to the supply to serve the consumer.

 The head of the committee, Ibrahim Rashid Al-Ali, said that last month the committee carried out 23 official patrols, which included Ain Issa, Tal El-Saman, Tishreen, Hishah and some areas of Ain Issa.

 A fee of 320 thousand charges was deposited in the people of municipal in Ain Issa.

 The committee also followed up all complaints submitted by citizens in different markets.

The control of the supply is derived from the authority of the supply which is responsible for monitoring the markets and economic activities, and supervising cleanliness in the markets and places crowded with citizens.

The control of the supply also supports all the patrols of the People’s Bureau in Ain Issa, the supply and the techno and any task assigned by the joint presidency and the municipality of the people. . It should be noted that before the speech of  the committee, it was by Ali was on a mission at one of the gas stations in the area to monitor the mechanism of work and control the licenses of agricultural citizens to make sure it was correct and this task was at the request of a citizen.

During the conversation with the Committee, it was assigned in an urgent mission with the water office of the municipal.


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