HomemanshetDoctors’ room: Young people with experience should be consulted

Doctors’ room: Young people with experience should be consulted

As a result of the practices that practiced by daesh against the right of doctors and all health personnel to push them to migrate outside the province.

Many medical institutions were absent from the liberated arena, such as the Medical Syndicate and the Pharmacists Syndicate, prompting the Health Committee of Raqqa Civil Council to take other roles in supervising the work of pharmacies and medical clinics. After the liberation of large areas in Raqqa, it had to establish a medical room belonging to Raqqa Civil Council which is concerned with matters (Hospitals, patients, and everything related to human health).

Dr. Darwish Al-Khalaf, head of the doctors’ room, said that due to the acute shortage of doctors and specialists in all fields, it is necessary to use young people with experience from all professions of nursing, pharmacists, radiology, first aid and nursing clinics.


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