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Faisal Abu Laila graduates his fighters.

Day by day, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is moving towards building an army. This army includes all the components of the northern Syria. Young individuals and groups join to the ranks of this army to take part in defeating terrorism and building federalism that represents the will of all components of the northern Syria (Rojava).

Due to the great demand of the young people of the liberated villages to join the SDF, the training courses are essential for the stage to build a disciplined combat personality which is able to protect the land and society and to be effective in gaining the gains.

Thus, the morning of 8|6| 2017 the course of No 15 from the fighters who joined newly to the SDF was graduated. The course was on behalf on the Martyr, Ali Jiyan who lost his life in resisting the liberation of Raqqa. They attended the 20-day raining course in military science and discipline.

It was worth mentioning that the Academy of the Martyr, Faisal Abu Laila has graduated 15 courses up to now with a rate ranging between 200 and 300 fighters from various components of Rojava (North Syria), under the direct supervision of the SDF and the International Alliance where the SDF is responsible for their training directly and the International Alliance is responsible for arming and for logistic support.

Graduated fighters took part in the graduation ceremony today at the academy yard in the presence of leaders of the SDF and officers of the International Alliance against terrorism, including the performance of the military oath to perform the duties completely and to abide by the values of principles that they learned lessons about that, then they were detailed to combat units..



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