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Fifth training course of military troops in Afrin graduated

The people’s protection units in Afrin province, Afrin canton, graduated the fifth training course of the military troops, with 303 members, named by the martyr “Ali Shir”, after receiving military and intellectual course for one month.
The graduation ceremony was attended by the head of the defense and self-protection unit in the province (Bahjat Abdo), and commanders of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units.
The graduation ceremony began with a military show by the graduates, then Bahjat Abdo congratulated the fighters on their preparations for the course and wished them success in their struggle to defend the region.
Abdo said that despite repeated attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the province, it will not discourage their determination to resist and defend their land, confirming that they will defend their land against all occupation attacks.
Then, the “Martyr Roujin” artistic band of the Culture and Art Center in the province presented some folkloric and revolutionary songs, as well as some dance performances from Kurdish folklore.


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