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Graduation of second training of ISF in Manbej

  The Academy of “Martyr Mahmoud Al-Ali” of the Internal Security Forces in Manbej city, the second training course in the name of, “martyr Nesrin”, during a ceremony.

The course lasted about a month with 61 young men and women from Manbej, who have taken intellectual and military training during the course.

The ceremony was held at the Internal Security Forces Academy in Manbej, in the presence of co-president of the Executive Council (Zainab Qanbar), co-president of the Interior Committee (Abdo Mustafa), the General Commander of Manbej Military Council (Adnan Abo Amjad), the General Commander of Al-Bab Military Council (Gamal Abo Gomaa), Administrative in ISF (Elim Jarkas), and many other members and administrators in civilian and military institutions.

The graduation ceremony began with a minute of silence. Then, graduates gave an oath to fight on the martyrs’ path and move on to achieve their goals.

Many of words were said by them, which all pointed to the sacrifices of our martyrs, and Manbej came back again to the life during a year of liberation, hopefully to be safe so far away from the terrorism.

After the completion of the speeches, the administration of the Academy presented the graduation documents to the 61 graduates, and it was concluded by holding the Dabke on popular songs.

Note: Nesrin Marwan, a member of the Internal Security Forces, was martyred during her participation in the campaign to liberate Manbej city last year, with Manbej Military Council Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces.


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