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Horn of daesh abandons people of Deir Al-Zour

It is the general horn; call of jihad declared by daesh terrorist organization in Deir Al-zour, which forced Abdul Karim Mohammed Al-Batran to carry on his back his family’s adversity, and the burden of long walking on foot. He wanders into the night, perhaps his darkness leads him to safety with his family, escaping from the town he has always lived there.

He is a young man, married, in the end of the third decade, and has a child for the first month of his life. His wife and one-month-old daughter arrived at Ain Issa camp today, Wednesday (23/8/2017) Much of the risk, fear, and obsession with revealing their route, with a lot of blackmail, and the inhuman smuggling network.

Abdul Karim, a resident from Al-Ashara town in the lower Euphrates basin, when he was working in free trade never imagined that the ravages of time will turn him the back of the groin, and turns from case to case so quickly, wearing more than a dress to satisfy more than a state and authority. Not for anything, just to be survival in his town; in the playgrounds of his youth, but not all of these changes. In the end, he had to turn to himself, turning his back to his home and neighbors, cutting off the liberated areas, which were cleansed by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Abdul Karim, with sadly hugging daughter in Ain Issa camp, says that in order to stay in his village, he did not deal with politics for a day. He worked in trade and suffered with all the components of Syria the injustice from the Syrian regime and its security apparatuses, until the masses that have been good for all Syrians, but for disappointment.

Abdul Karim participated in all the demonstrations that swept through the region of Al-Ashara and called for the overthrow of the regime like any young man who wants a better tomorrow, and then engaged in the ranks of the so-called Free Army, believing that these factions will fall the regime and bring freedom to Syria, Who carried the gun of Abdul Karim, but suddenly disappeared colors of what was called the flag of the revolution and replaced by the black color. He had to hand himself to them and writing in anticipation of what he had done with his faction, which in turn appeared to be it was part of a hidden project for Daesh.

The fear is what made him hand himself to Daesh, according to the novel Abdul Karim, and subjected to imprisonment and the obligation to write a written pledge, and then undergo a closed course for a month to atone for his sins, and at this course he knew the meaning of one of them, you will see the stars in the afternoon, Where the atonement, torture and humiliation inflicted on the trainees by the terrorist organization, surpasses all perceptions.

With the campaign to liberate Al-Raqqa and its approach to its final stages, the organization tightened its fist on Deir Al-Zour and its countryside. It discovered that there would be a campaign to target Deir Al-Zour after Al-Raqqa. It decided to declare the general horn and to force the people and anyone who could carry arms to be recruited in the terrorist holocaust, which caused the fear and panic to the people, and active attempts to escape, collective and individual, as well as active smugglers who know the roads and routes that reached the liberated areas, those liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces. Deir Al-Zour became between the fire od deash and the tyranny of the regime that threatens them, and they no longer have other options.

Therefore, Abdul Karim escaped with his family, taking 15-hour walking for more than fifty Km until he reached the checkpoint of Abu-Khashab, where there was a patrol of the Syrian Democratic Forces, that took them to Ain Issa camp, because the camps in Al-Hasaka suffer from a lack of resources, so the committees were forced to transfer some of the displaced from Deir Al-Zour to the camps of Raqqa.

Abdul Karim expressed his thanks to those who are made him safe from death, noting at the same time his need for relief, in addition to more attention to the camps and the needs of the displaced by the humanitarian organizations concerned.

Al-Jazeera in the Hussainiya, where I walked on foot for 15 hours at night, about 50 Km, where the smuggler took 150 thousand per person to take us from Hussainiya to Abu-Khashab checkpoint.




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