HomemanshetInternational praise to work of Raqqa Civil Council

International praise to work of Raqqa Civil Council

The Special Envoy to the international coalition against daesh, Bret Macfork in a meeting with journalists US Foreign Office Secretary yesterday, praised the work of Raqqa Civil Council and confirmed that they have completed a plan for the post-liberation of Raqqa, which takes into account more than 50,000 people.

The International Coalition is working with the “Raqqa Civil Council” in Ein Issa center, as well they are committed to holding elections in Raqqa next year.

Macfork also confirmed that “Raqqa Civil Council” alone has delivered 830 ton of humanitarian assistance to all areas around Raqqa, and has proved its worth in post-conflict planning.

The United Nations has been able to use the roads to reach a great deal of needs. The WFP and the Red Cross are working in these areas, preparing food for 447,000 persons, providing camps and shelters for 50,000 families, in addition to medical care for over 200,000 ones, as well as water and sanitation systems are ready for after liberation.


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