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Introducing the nursing room in the AL-Raqqa Civil Council

As a result of the terrorist ISIS attacks on the workers in the health sector, especially orderly who work in the public and private hospitals’ ISIS forced them to work with him, which led to the migration of many orderly and nurses and their escape abroad for fear Of the practices used by ISIS.

After the liberation of the countryside of the whole of AL-Raqqa and parts of the city from ISIS. many doctors and pharmacists and also nurses returned from abroad. Therefore, the Health Committee of the AL-Raqqa Civil Council has established a room for nurses, such as the doctors and pharmacists’ room, which was established before

The Health Committee sent an invitation to all the nurses in the region to attend the Civil Council and the invitation was received by the nurses and attend the meeting, which began to stand a minute of silence on the lives of martyrs, and delivered a member of the Committee of Health Pharmaceutical Saddam Al-Huwaidi opening speech in which the importance of nursing work and its important role Under current conditions as a reserve for medicine and pharmacy , as well as between the importance of the health sector and its effective role in the field of services.

He thanked the people who have demonstrated the national spirit that they have shown in establishing their efforts to build their country Hewaidi also stressed that our work must have one goal is to serve the people and build a single society based on the brotherhood of peoples, he also stressed that our country depends on its children in all fields and disciplines to build a society advanced scientific and intellectual does not require any outside expertise.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to vote for the joint presidency and the members of the nursing room. After the vote, the following names were selected for the nursing department: Joint Presidency: Abdel Rahman Al Hamada and Dalal Al Mousa Members of the Chamber: Abdullah Shannan – Khadija Al-Hazeer – Abdul Qader Al-Khader – Khalil Al-Sahr – Radwan Al Ali – Issa Al-Hamoud – Taha Al-Bazi – Wahid Al-Mousa –Syta AL Issa.




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