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Poetry nights, theater and exhibitions are held in Ain Issa

 where the society has been subjected to a period of the control of ISIS for an intellectual invasion against the sons of Raqqa and spreading dark ideas based on brutality, murder and exclusion by the ISIS.

 Based on the importance of restoring the society to the right path and to dispel the effects of these ideas, the Culture Committee of the Civil Council was established under the chairmanship of Jalaa Hamzawy and a number of members. The Committee took the responsibility to contribute to removing all traces of intellectual and intellectual awareness and building a new generation that contributes to the building of society.

 Jalaa Hamzawy said that what concerns us especially is the psychological and intellectual factor of women and children, because of what ISIS tried to encourage to implant in their minds of dark ideas and women’s humiliation, insult and exclusion of women from society.

 We do intellectual work on the child and introduce him in bright colors because he doesn’t know just dark black in the period of ISIS. Hamzawy stressed that the woman is a project that receives the attention of the Culture Committee, which works to educate women and to make them aware intellectually through the establishment of seminars of education and to make women be aware and educated in society as the basis of society and to realize their role in it.

 The committee also cooperated with the Education Office to open the schools for two months in Ain Issa Town in a voluntary way from the teachers in the seventh and eighth month.

 The idea was to qualify the child psychologically and intellectually to start a new stage for the child away from the psychological pressures exerted on him. We have faced the challenges of ISIS through children’s toys, songs and drawings related to ISIS and we aimed to spread a culture of team play and volunteerism among children.

 Hamzawy said that the committee works in cooperation with the People’s Councils and the communes through a voluntary popular action to remove the effects of ISIS from the streets, the writings, drawings and names of the villages and to return the old names in bright colors. The Culture Committee organizes a festival in cooperation with the Women’s House in Ain Issa, which includes a poetry and drama nights for children, a drawing exhibition and a music.



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