HomemanshetRaqqa will be managed by its people, and we hope the return of expatriates

Raqqa will be managed by its people, and we hope the return of expatriates

Day after day, our forces are advancing on the terrorist daesh organization. Al-Raqqa is liberating, and the salvation of the heavy legacy of the authoritarian regimes passed by the Syrian regime and its successive governments or terrorist organizations that have tightened control over the city and its countryside, which made the people suffering a lot, or other radical Islamic organizations that have followed in previous periods in Raqqa. Spreading fear, the punishment and oppression, forced many of the population to migrate and move from the city to the border and live in exile, especially in Turkey, being the nearest exile, not about them and no power. Their eyes are fixed on their city, which is moaning under the weight of terrorism, wishing the liberation so that they return to their city.

We are, in the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, call on our brothers from Raqqa who live in Turkey, or in other diaspora countries to contact the concerned authorities to settle their situation, arrange their return to their city, and take part in the course of action that serves the city and contribute to the elimination of the effects of tyranny and terrorism alike.

We also emphasize that all the media that are under control of the Syrian regime to propagate the tendentious rumors about the return of some institutions of the regime to the city of Al-Raqqa are fabrications that are not totally supported by the truth. As well, we would like to emphasize that Al-Raqqa will be managed by its people. There is no place for any institution of the regime of security, military, or judicial, or any symbolic presence. These rumors reflect only the misery of its promoters and the despair of those who stand behind them.


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