HomemanshetRebel Forces join the revolutionary forces

Rebel Forces join the revolutionary forces

The people of Al-Shahba province in Afrin canton announced the formation of a faction called ” Rebel Forces” working under the banner of the revolutionary factions.

The rebel forces faction in Al-Shahba province in Afrin canton declared itself, as a force composed of the people of the region, through a statement read in Al-Shahba province.
The statement said:
“Today we live in the seventh year of the Syrian war, when we witnessed the domination of all extremist and tyrannical formations, but the word of separation has always been for the people of Syrian Al-Shahba and its national revolutionaries.
Today, we announce the formation of the “Rebel Forces” of the free Syrian youth, who are with their Arabs, their Kurds and Turkmen against the invaders, the occupiers and terror, those who destroy our country and kill our people, so that the aspiring occupiers can occupy our land. This is what happens in many areas in Syria, especially the Turkish abuse on the northern countryside of Aleppo, and these attacks continue on the villages liberated in Al-Shahba, trying by various means to occupy more Syrian lands.
We declare today the birth of the rebel forces to expel this occupation. As Syrians, we pledge our people that we will fight terrorism in our country and expel the agendas of the Turkish army. We say that the hour of victories has come. Today is the day of revenge for the martyrs and our free mothers”.
The statement ended with slogans denouncing the Turkish army and reviving the revolutionary forces in the province of Al-Shahba.



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