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Remnants of daesh in Ain Issa

Civilians of Ain Issa town in the northern Raqqa countryside continue suffering from the terror left, through the mines they have planted everywhere; places where civilians gather, their places of work and places of play.

Today, RMCO, in cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council and the Internal Security Forces in Ain Issa, uncovered large areas of mined of the mercenaries remnants, where they began dismantle them.

In cooperation with the Civil Council and the Internal Security Forces, many of the areas and areas where the mines were planted were identified, most of them in public places and where civilians were located.

Ibrhim sino, the head of RMCO confirmed that they had placed signs indicating the presence of mines and some fighters of the internal security are there to guard the planted areas with mines, fearing the approaching civilians.

On the first day, more than 70 mines were removed and many remain under the rubble of some destroyed houses.

Mr. Sino pointed to their organization’s lack of modern mine detection equipment, especially high-sensitivity or well-camouflaged, and that they now rely on a primitive metal detection device.

Note: The organization will work for more than a week in the town until it finishes all mine clearance.


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