HomemanshetStrong clashes on four fronts of Raqqa and 29 mercenaries killed

Strong clashes on four fronts of Raqqa and 29 mercenaries killed

Al-Raqqa – The liberation campaign of Raqqa is continuing in the neighborhoods of the city

The four fronts in the city witnessed strong battles and clashes today. The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces made significant progress and defeated mercenaries, killing 29 of them.
In the midst of fighting and clashes broke out in Nezleh Shehadeh neighborhood – south of the city, the Syrian Democratic forces progressed in the neighborhood and killed 7 mercenaries, one of them was a sniper.
On the southern side of Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik neighborhood, 6 mercenaries were killed during the progress of SDF in the neighborhood.
As well, Al-Barid – in the north-western of the city, the fighters have killed 5 mercenaries during clashes and sniper operations.

The SDF inflicted heavy losses among mercenaries, where the fighters destroyed a car bomb for mercenaries before reaching its goal during the clashes that took place in the neighborhood and killed 4 mercenaries, in addition to the fighters dropped a reconnaissance plane of mercenaries.
In Rawda neighborhood – northeast of the city, there were also strong clashes in which seven mercenaries were killed.
The battles and clashes is still continuing on all fronts in Raqqa city.



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