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The Committee of Agriculture states the difficulties faced by the importance of agriculture

The Civil Council of Raqqa established the Committee of Agriculture in Raqqa Province based in Ain Issa Town.

The Committee consists of a number of members who volunteered to serve their country without wages for the hope of building Raqqa Province and the return of agriculture to the areas which were destroyed that happened to the irrigation channels that have been affected by the ongoing war in the region.

This committee is divided into mini committees of the Agricultural Committee in all the rural councils of the Civil Council of Raqqa. These committees are concerned with the situation of the farmers in all the villages and the problems experienced by the agricultural sector in addition to the interest of livestock and ranchers.

The head of the committee, Fathi Hassan Bakri, confirmed that the committee had uncovered the agricultural land of the Civil Council of Raqqa and it sent reports on the irrigated and rain fed agricultural land and examined the pumps of irrigation and canals and bridges to be rebuilt and studying the areas where there are mines in the agricultural fields, granaries and pumps and sending reports to Roj Organization for demining. In addition to centres for selling grains in al-Saleheye Granary Kobesh warehouses were supplied for the Civil Council of Raqqa.

The committee provided 6600 barrels of oil for farmers in good prices in addition to productive trees that were more 5000 trees and licensing 50 poultries. Also, Mr. Issa al-Hamedeen, the member of the committee, confirmed that the committee started working according to the liberated areas gradually and the support of farmers in oil is as an emergency state for help farmers and making their things easier due to the circumstances that have been experienced by the region. For winter crops there will be programmed mechanism and early licenses to give production accessories including seeds, fertilizers and oil in addition to fighting the damages of agriculture production.

A centre of increasing seeds was provided and providing high quality imported seeds from abroad of the governorate because the seeds we have are expiry for agriculture because of impurities and increasing in consuming.

In this context a;-Hamedeen appealed the International Community for supporting the agricultural sector that is the backbone of Raqqa and supplying pumps of irrigation that have been exposed to destruction and demining mines confirming that the activities of the committee are voluntary supported by farmers and the Civil Council of Raqqa.


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