HomemanshetThe people of Ain Issa residents restore color to their town after work and life returned to the streets of the town

The people of Ain Issa residents restore color to their town after work and life returned to the streets of the town

A number of citizens of Ain Issa launched a self-initiative campaign supported by the People’s Municipality, to clean platforms of the main streets and sidewalks in addition to painting the edges of platforms in white and blue.  This initiative is the first in Ain Issa City since the liberation of their town from the ISIS and the return of the people. The people launched a campaign to clean the streets of their town and decorate them voluntarily. The municipality later supports them and provide assistance to them. The campaign’s leader, Hatem Ali, said that they initiated the campaign with their own abilities and receive support from the People’s Municipality in Ain Issa. Their campaign will include the entire main street from the entrance of the northern town until the end. The aim of the initiative is to create a cultural appearance of their town and decorate them in different colors which the ISIS stole this appearance. Ali added “At the time of the presence of the ISIS in the town none dared to decorate the streets in natural colors, because the ISIS was imposing black on top of everything, and after they were defeated, they did not leave except the traces of destruction and black phrases on the walls. Ali said”  ” But now after the SDF  liberated the town from the injustice of the ISIS , life returns to the town, in addition to organizing the people themselves and opening up the municipalities and the popular councils and  our role is to decorate the streets of the Nahiyah  as a first step.

It is noteworthy that Ain Issa Nahiyah is one of the areas occupied by the ISIS and they stayed in in for a long time and many of the people of Ain Issa displaced to the safe areas in Rojava to escape from terrorism of the ISIS. After advance by the SDF fighters towards the Raqqa City and the liberation of Ain Issa Nahiyah from the ISIS, the people returned to their hometown and life began to return with the activation of security institutions and   services and social organizations



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