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We pay tribute without our will

The special units to evacuate the civilians rescued two families of the Armenian component from Raqqa city this day, and transfer them to the safe areas. Then, the committees concerned will take care of them until they reach their relatives.
This afternoon, the two Armenian families (Karapidian / Karadijian) arrived the safe areas after a long and perilous journey and many adventures, to success and passage to safety, which made some of them to call this day the new birth.
Mrs. Sawsan Karapidian (40 year old) confirmed that they had lived the worst of their lives in the shadow of the terrorist organization. The hijab was imposed on them forcibly, as well humiliated and forced to live and move with inferiority in accordance with their human rights in the city.

Mr. Karadij Karadijian confirmed that the terrorist organization imposed on them the tribute, the amount of sixty thousand Syrian pounds per year for each person, which I feel humiliated and they pay the tax of belonging to this country.
About the situation inside the city recently, members of both families stressed that the humanitarian situation is very bad. The terrorist organization punishes people with hunger and thirst to force them taking up arms with them, while giving priority to the distribution of water and food to the families that cooperate with them in terrorizing people.


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