HomemanshetA statement for Public Opinion

A statement for Public Opinion

Our Syrian people and the entire world share the view that the process of liberating Raqqa City has been delayed because of the presence of some civilians inside it, as a result of their own circumstances, and they are not justified because they know that fighting against the ISIS is an evil that is a must. We have already asked them to go out and escape their delay in leaving causes more martyrs, whether they are civilians or the liberated forces.

Therefore, in the Civil Council, we send this repeated call to our civil people to stay in their homes and not to leave from sunrise to sunset in order to avoid the consequences of fighting against the ISIS until the opportunity comes to leave.

We also ask the SDF and their supporting forces from the Air Force and others to act more vigorously until full liberation, and the world celebrates with us this occasion and the historic moment.

We also call on our people to bear responsibility not to believe false rumors that the liberated forces may cause harm to civilians and to let everyone knows that the reason for the delay is the troops’ concern for the lives and property of civilians.

Glory and immortality to the martyrs, shame and disgrace to who depend on false rumors.

Civil Council of Raqqa


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