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Ain Issa: A daily campaign to clean the town

The Municipality of Ain Issa is following the daily cleaning campaign for the streets of the town, the market and the neighborhoods and collecting garbage from the containers and transferring them to a dump outside the town.

In order to preserve the cleanliness of the town and the cultural appearance of the town and to reduce the spread of diseases.

The Municipality of the people in the Ain Aysa area of ​​cleanliness has given great importance in order to serve the city well and pay attention to the beauty of the city and its environment.

Mayor of Ain Issa Mohamad  Wis Ali said”We are cleaning the city ofAin Issa from the rubbishes  and garbage, where we depend on the labor. We have 12 workers cleaning the streets, distributed in Ain Issa.Al-Ali also pointed out that they have carried out an awareness campaign for the cleanliness of the town and a date has been set for throwing the dirt from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am,warning regulations were also put in place in the streets and road junctions warning against throwing garbage on the road or in unallocated areas,shops were warned not to throw dirt in front of the shop Al-Ali appealed to humanitarian and health organizations to provide them with garbage collection and street cleaning

Al-Ali called on the organizations to provide them with the necessary equipment and vehicles to collect garbage and to clean streets.


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