HomedialogueCommittee on Agriculture: look at the reality of fruit trees and the requirements of farmers

Committee on Agriculture: look at the reality of fruit trees and the requirements of farmers

During a field tour carried out by the Committee on Agriculture in the Civil Council of Raqqa on a number of towns and villages and farms in the region, including Musheirefah, Maysaloun, Galaa, Yarmouk and others

A committee was set up to review and uncover the reality of the fruit trees and the requirements of the farmers and the difficulties they face.

The head of the committee, Mohamed  Khalil Al Shibli, said that after the discovery of the fruit trees in the field and our meetings with the farmers it was established that the planting fruit trees in the area suffer from many problems and difficulties such Lack of water to irrigate trees, causing poor production, tree diseases and lack of pesticides and medicines in the past.

Therefore, the Committee has counted the preparation of trees in villages and towns, and organized detailed tables in the number of trees and the names of owners to provide farmers with fuel oil required, according to the amount allocated by the committees for each tree.

The committee took all the necessary measures to get the fuel oil to the farmers and distribute it to them, and to provide consultation by agricultural engineers to treat the diseases that afflict the trees and provide agricultural medicines in the markets and provide all the necessary support for the development of fruit trees production.




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