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Cultural Center in Tal Abyad: Re-structuring the generation

After the liberation of Tal Abyad from ISIS and an attempt to restore life and help young people and children to develop their talents, the first cultural center sponsored by the Cultural Committee was opened in Tal Abyad to remove the cultural blackness that was published by ISIS and to encourage the people to raise their ideas.

Among the activities of the Cultural Center are educational courses for children, including drawing, playing and training in Dabkeh workshops. The Cultural Center organizes exhibitions of the drawings of the children they compete in drawing.

There are also training courses on calligraphy and sculpture to add aesthetic to the spirit of childhood. The Cultural Center also holds artistic competitions, music festivals and musical instruments, and also helps the center to develop their talents and build their projects..

The Center also holds poetic evenings where poets read their poems that they wrote during the days of the Jaahili ISIS rule..

Bassel Hussein Dawood, director of the Cultural Center, said that they are pursuing an approach to building a future free democratic Syria and that they will realize the dreams of the martyrs who sacrificed their blood and themselves for this day.

Daoud also noted the importance of the center as a complex for many of the region’s literati and intellectuals, and an artistic and creative school for children’s talents.





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