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Health awareness meeting in Ain Issa camp

The Ain Issa camp administration held a health awareness meeting to talk about personal hygiene, protection against diseases and how to prevent them.

The meeting began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs. During the meeting, they talked about health awareness and hygiene and the way to prevent diseases that are spreading rapidly and spread due to dirt and personal neglect.

Hamida Al-Hamdou, the official at the Women’s Freedom House in Ain Issa camp, spoke about prevention methods, how to train children and educate them about pathogens and infections, and how to preserve and clean the camp environment.

He urged MSF delegate to educate the refugees in terms of definition of the disease and its causes and ways of infection from hepatitis, cholera and tuberculosis and how to protect them from them, he said that the main reason for the spread of these diseases is the ignorance of parents and the lack of awareness of their children

The management of the camp noted that the dirt and debris are not thrown between the tents because they contribute to the spread of flies and mosquitoes, which are the cause of transmission of infection

The camp administration thanked the organizations, the Council of Civil Rights and the Syrian Democratic Forces for their interest in the refugees.



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