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Reconstruction Committee: Plans to build a hotel in Ain Issa

The Reconstruction Committee of the Civil Council of Raqqa is working to rehabilitate the infrastructure and public facilities, and what was destroyed by the ISIS and the war machine in the Rifqa countryside.

The committee submitted a number of preliminary projects for its rehabilitation.

Mr. Nadhmi Mohammed, Vice-Chairman of the Reconstruction  Committee, spoke about the mechanism and priorities for them.

The project they are undertaking is to build a hotel in the town of Ain Issa. supported by the Civil Council and the Syrian Democratic Council. All requirements have been secured, and the plan for this project has been drawn up by the engineers in the reconstruction committee.

Mohammed pointed out that the building area (500) meters – (200) meters is dedicated to the construction of a garden and (300) meters for the construction of seven rooms and reception hall.

At the end of his speech, Mohammed confirmed that they continue to rehabilitate all facilities, institutions and buildings destroyed by ISIS.


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