Homemanshetstatement for Public opinion

statement for Public opinion

On 17/9/2017, the Manbaj Military Council met with 90 members of the Council, and battalions of the Menbaj Military Council to discuss the general developments in Manbaj and its countryside and northern Syria. this met come after the Council’s leader was martyred in the Battle of Liberation of AL-Raqqa, Abu Amjad in the front lines against the organization terrorist in AL-Raqqa.

During the meeting, Mohammad Abu Adel was elected as the new leader of the council, replacing the former commander of the council, the martyr Adnan Abu Amjad.

 We in the Military Council of the city of Manbaj and its countryside remember all the martyrs, the martyrs of the liberation of Manbj and its resistance, and the liberation martyrs in various Syrian cities in general and in northern Syria in particular.

And we pledge to follow their path and complete their mission in liberating the  human from terrorism, foremost among them the martyr leaders, the martyr Faisal Abu Laila, the martyr Adnan Abu Amjad and all their comrades who secured and carried the banner of defending freedom, dignity and humanity in the face of multifaceted terrorism. ,

We pledge our people to continue to work on the basis of the martyrs’ heritage, loyalty to their blood and adherence to the principles that preserve society and their rights within a pluralistic, decentralized and democratic Syria whose diversity and multiculturalism advance the best formula for solution and reach the desired democratic transition.

Glory and immortality of martyrs

Syria lived a free democracy

General Command of the Manbaj Military Council



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