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Tel al-Samen

The village of Tel al-Samen Shamali (northern) is located 35 km north of Raqqa City on the main road between Raqqa and the border of Tel Abyad Town with Turkey.

The village is located in the middle of the northern countryside Of Raqqa. It has a strategic position.

It has an importance of a transportation.

The road runs through the village from the north to three main branches: the first is to Kobani and Manbej, the second towards Tel Abyad and the third towards Khnezat and the surrounding villages.

It has a population of 5000 people and they work in agriculture and livestock.

The largest project of irrigation runs through the village in the northern Syria, it is al-Balikh Canal or it is known locally as the main canal.

It starts from the Euphrates Lake in the south-west to the administrative border of Deir Al-Zour Province in the south-east and irrigates its fields of more than 18,000 hectares. Its plains cut Balikh River from the north. Its population is a mix of Arab tribes that have lived for decades. In the Syrian crisis, the village was exposed to many battles due to its strategic location, where it was shelled by the 93rd Brigade in Ain Issa and the regime’s aircraft during the period of battles between the so-called Free Army and the regime’s forces.

Then, it was exposed to the battles that were between the ISIS and armed factions. The ISIS planted a field of mines in the south of the village. It was an additional threat to the lives of its sons.

In the campaign to liberate Raqqa, the SDF took them out of the ISIS with the end of last year. In all the previous battles, their inhabitants were displaced, causing additional suffering.

These battles left a lot of destruction in the village, especially the schools, the village water tank, some houses and the agriculture store the village.

Now the villagers try to return to their destroyed houses and do some small projects to restore the normal life of the village, hoping for a better future and the war ends in the entire region.



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