HomemanshetThe SDF troops liberate al-Muroor Neighborhood

The SDF troops liberate al-Muroor Neighborhood

 The SDF troops are advancing in the neighborhoods of Raqqa.

The mercenaries of ISIS suffered heavy losses after violent clashes in which the SDF troops completed the liberation of A-lMaroor Neighborhood and seized large quantities of weapons after killing 47 mercenaries of the ISIS.

In this context, during the clashes that took place in the center of the city in al-Amin, al-Nahdah, al-Sakanah and al-Mansour Neighborhoods 47 mercenaries of the ISS were killed, the bodies of 36 mercenaries were by hands of the fighters of the SDF.

The fighters in those neighborhoods seized a large number of weapons and arms, including “Dushkin weapons, 4 RPG weapons, 4,000 rounds of Kalashnikovs, 3500 bullets of BKC. The SDF troops could also fall down reconnaissance plane in al-Mansour Neighborhood.

While two vehicles were seized in al-Sakanah Neighborhood.

The fighters of the SDF completed the liberation of Al-Muroor Neighborhood in full.

The clashes are continuing in these neighborhoods amid progress for the fighters of the SDF.


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