HomedialogueThe situation of the work of the People’s Council

The situation of the work of the People’s Council

The People’s Council in Ain Issa is to meet the needs of citizens and receive their complaints and stand up to the high pitfalls and obstacles that stand in the face of progress.

Omar Diab, the joint chairman of the Council, spoke about the nature of their work in the Council, which is based on running citizens issues through the service committee, the health committee, the reconciliation committee and the housing committee.

It informs all the institutions of the Council such as water, electricity and services such as car registration, travel permits and housing problems. One of the essentials of our work in the council is the formation of communes in villages and neighborhoods.

150 villages are related to the People’s Council. We inform the villages to nominate them to form communes, holding meetings and explaining the nature of the work of the commune.

The councils are also equipped in all liberated villages and provide them with basic materials such as bread, gas and fuel, knowing that we face the problem of lack of mechanisms to facilitate the work.

Mr. Diab pointed out that the Council consists of the President and archives and the reconciliation committee and the Foundation of the families of martyrs and the Agriculture Committee and we provide the work of all these councils where we inform all institutions and committees as requested by citizens, villages and communes.

At the end of his speech he appealed to all parties concerned to facilitate the provision of mechanisms for the Council to do its work to the fullest.


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