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Tour of Ain Issa

Asayish forces, in cooperation with the traffic police in the town of Ain Issa, organize traffic on the main and secondary roads in the town, on the main highway, monitor the movement of vehicles, verify their identities and identity papers, and check the passing cars for fear of infiltration of mercenaries.

During a tour of the town, people talked about the development of the town after they returned to their homes, which they expeled from it when the organization of the ISIS control of the town … they spoke about the safety of living under it and the work of departments and service centers exist to serve citizens and organization within the town by police Traffic and Internal Security Forces.

The town is experiencing increasing development after the restoration of security and stability, and the establishment of the town council many social and service projects, which was an incentive for its sons to return to it.

And opened the markets and shops that are popular among the citizens living and traveling and passengers, as they are located on the main road link between Aleppo and Hasaka and after the provision of security on the main roads increased traffic and cars, and drivers stressed that the roads are in good condition and that security is based on what it does Internal Security Forces and Traffic Police Efforts. They expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts of these forces to provide security on the roads, which makes them feel safe and secure.



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