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Tour the fields for the white gold season(COTTON)

The Committee on Agriculture conducted a field tour of the rural villages of Raqqa to see the reality of agriculture in general and the cotton season in particular and to see the quality of production and the difficulties experienced by farmers and ways to address them

Where the committee was headed by Fathi Hassan Bakri and a number of members. The tour included a number of cotton fields in several villages. The quality of cotton was inspected,the production mechanism and the cotton hygiene were supervised.

The farmers confirmed that the number of times the irrigation of the crop was sufficient and the field was sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, so that cotton became standard

Where the production rate is estimated at 350 kg per dunam and varies from one region to another according to soil fertility and fertilizers provided to it. The head of the agricultural committee Fathi confirmed that the season bodes well for the farmers this year, there are no injuries from charred and insect pests and quality in the staple and the number of bells in addition to the availability of labor.



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