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Al-Jaddou ‘:opening of Al-Shurkrak Bridge on the Hasaka –Aleppo road, after a few days”

Bridges are the link between all areas in Raqqa countryside, which shorten the distance for the citizens. In light of the wars in the area, most of the bridges in the countryside were destroyed, but after liberation they will be rehabilitated by the Civil Council of Raqqa.

Among the bridges to be opened is the Al-Shurkrak Bridge, which is the main link on the Al-Qamishli-Aleppo International Road, which is considered one of the most important transport arteries in the northern Raqqa countryside.

Ali Al-Jaddou, head of the workshop working on the bridge rehabilitation project,confirmed that Raqqa Civil Council has supervised the rehabilitation of the bridge at a cost of about ten to fifteen million Syrian pounds. The bridge has been completed for about 15 days and will be completed after 10 days, 80 tons of cement, 80 tons of iron, about 200 cubic meters of gravel and cement, were used for a maximum of nine hours a day without interruption until Friday due to the responsibility of our country and the importance of this bridge.

He stressed that each of us has an active role in building the country and dealing responsibility towards society by assuming its responsibilities both within its competence and that this step is followed by phased steps in the reconstruction and the future will be equipped Jalab bridge on Balikh River after completion of the current bridge project, The competent authorities need to put the images at night so that accidents do not occur until the completion of the rehabilitation of the bridge.


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