HomedialogueAsmin Dajla:a white yasmina blooms in the course of the revolution

Asmin Dajla:a white yasmina blooms in the course of the revolution

Between the worn traditions and the Syrian Middle Eastern reality, women lived in great contradictions, looking around her with a puzzled look at what was going on around her and asking herself who I was and what I wanted from this life and why I had to imitate women who had preceded me

From my mother and grandmother why do I have to imitate their dress and model their lives until their marriage decisions? who is the regime? why are we afraid to utter just uttering something against it?.

These contradictions dominated the minds of many girls, such as Asmin Dajla Arab girl, who reached the twenty-two years of Aleppo, the woman was going from a dark prison to a dark cell, moving from the father to the husband

She did not accept the fact that she lived as a captive girl burdened with family restrictions. She joined the women’s protection units under the banner of Syria’s democratic forces. She was the first girl to break the clan laws that did not accept female combatants. This created a new history far from stereotyping. , For women’s free fighter.

What is most affected by Asmin is the lesson of the natural society that reveals how man lived in the beginning, and how the systems distorted the historical facts to serve their interests and achieve their goal carrying the slogan of end justify the means..

And what was going on from the elections is not only lies that the regime lies on itself and believe it, but the defenseless people, who turned powerless and voted every time on the same person and in the same way wins the same person by an amazing majority, all these things were a mockery of Arab youth, especially Asmin, which was He went out with demonstrations to support the Syrian regime forcibly, forcing the students to paint the slogans of the regime and forcing them to do so, but they did not scream, but they listened to the high cheers and we say as slaves until our voices became the king of power until our innocent faces.

Asmin did not achieve her freedom except when she became a fighter with her word and she had the right to the expression that she had always been deprived of.



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