HomedialogueCamp painter : Creativity from the heart of suffering

Camp painter : Creativity from the heart of suffering

Shaaban Jassym Mustafa 45 years old from the village of Safira in the city of Aleppo fled from the city of Raqqa, where he lived six months ago married and has eight children one of his children detained in Dahash since 2/8/2015 on charges of dealing with the regime.

On a tour of the media center we met Shaaban al-Mustafa and spoke to us as follows:

My son Ayman was studying history at the University of Aleppo and on one of his holidays to the city of Raqqa he was arrested by a dahash on charges of dealing with the regime. I went to the headquarters of a ISIS. They did not give me information about him and until now I do not know whether my son is alive or not.

I used to work as a taxi worker in the courtyard of Raqqa Museum. I had the hobby of drawing, which started at the age of 12 years. But after the arrest of my son, this hobby grew and I have the determination and determination to relieve the psychological pressure, trying to forget my suffering in the face of intimidation.

I would like to thank Dr. Pierre, who works for Médecins Sans Frontières in Ein Issa camp, who provided me with all the materials needed for drawing. I drew several paintings with about 52 paintings that reflect the suffering of the inhabitants of Raqqa and around childhood. And have a role in serving the citizens..

And I gave these paintings to the people of the camp to be a memory of their tragedy in these harsh conditions and I am happy to liberate the city of Raqqa and I hope to return to it.



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