HomedialogueCommittee of bakeries and mills: We are preparing to enter Raqqa city  to find out the condition of the bakeries

Committee of bakeries and mills: We are preparing to enter Raqqa city  to find out the condition of the bakeries

Committee of bakeries and mills of CCR(Civil Council of Raqqa) is preparing to enter the city of Raqqa after being allowed by the Syrian Democratic Forces, pending the disposal of the mines so as to facilitate the work of the Committee in evaluating the ovens inside the city for rehabilitation.

Sabri Mohammed, the co-chair of the bakeries and mills, said that we have 23 bakeries in operation and distribute bread to its areas. We have two bakeries producing 7200 free packages a day for Ain Issa camp with the support of the Civil Council.

Sabri Mohammed said that these bakeries consume 70 tons of flour. The quantity is distributed to the kilns on a weekly basis. Each kiln takes a quantity of flour for a week. This amount is estimated according to the population density in the area fed by each bakery.

Sabri Mohammed pointed out that several steps have been taken to meet the needs of the residents upon their return to the city of Raqqa, pending the rehabilitation of the bakeries in the city by operating the bakeries near the city such as bakeryAl-Sabahia and Hawi and other nearby bakeries.

Sabri Mohammed stressed that the Syrian Democratic Council supports the bread and carries the extra costs. The monthly subsidy value is 140 million Syrian pounds and the price of one kilogram of bread is 100 Syrian Pounds. The distribution is through the deputies who are chosen through the councils in the towns.

Mohamed added that two mills were contracted to produce flour enough to meet the needs of the area with storage and we supply these mills with wheat and fuel and we monitor the furnaces and mills in terms of quality in production and workflow.

Mohamed noted that there are difficulties in maintenance because of the lack of maintenance parts, so we wait until we get from abroad because sometimes we are informed of a failure in one of the furnaces we transfer the provisions to the nearest bakery to cover the need of the people until the bakery is repaired.



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