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Countdown to the opening of a specialized hospital in Ain Issa town

Preparations are under way for the opening of a specialized hospital in the Ain Issa town, the processing of hospital departments and the recent preparations in some sections. The hospital will be opened, which will provide free services to citizens upon completion of the rest of the departments and the latest equipment.

Adel Khalil, who is in charge of the hospital, said that the purpose of this hospital is to serve the civilians in the area, where there is no hospital nearby, and not all the specialties that the hospital will provide.

Adel Khalil pointed out that we are working to ensure all specialties of general surgery and large and children and heart and legal midwives … etc .. In addition to radiography and laboratory tests and operating rooms and surgery women, before the opening.

Khalil also pointed out that doctors are the sole contributors to the hospital by their personal and material efforts and are at their greatest expense.

Close clinics and hospital accommodation are also available, which is open 24 hours a day.

Mr. Adel sent a thank-you letter to those who assisted them from Civil Council of Raqqa, the Internal Security Forces, Ain Issa Municipality and self-administration.

Adel called on the residents of Ein Issa to provide the necessary facilities from fuel and electricity, as well as to provide permanent guard for the hospital because it will receive all civilian citizens and military.



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