HomemanshetHell square today returned Naima

Hell square today returned Naima

The latest campaign to liberate the city of Raqqa, named the martyr Adnan Abu Amjad, is proceeding at an accelerated pace and liberating the rest of the city. As a result of the battles and clashes that took place yesterday in the vicinity of Al Nuaim roundabout, SDF forces inflicted painful blows on the mercenaries. Nine mercenaries were killed, Thus, the Na’im roundabout was completely liberated from a daunting mercenary..

The fighting continues with all its strength in the vicinity of the national hospital and the football field. As a result, 15 mercenaries surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces in the vicinity of the national hospital and 10 surrendered in the vicinity of the stadium.

On the other hand, the Syrian Democratic Forces today managed to liberate 237 civilians, mostly children and women who were stranded in the neighborhoods where the clashes took place.


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