HomemanshetKurdish Red Crescent: the first emergency point for civilians and military in Raqqa

Kurdish Red Crescent: the first emergency point for civilians and military in Raqqa

On 26/7/2017, the Kurdish Red Crescent opened a medical point close to the lines of the clashes and the security points of the civilians trapped inside the city of Raqqa.

The medical point, which opened, deals with injuries to combatants and provides first aid and medication until the patient is taken to hospital .

The KRC medical point provides medicines, treatment and aid to civilians as soon as they leave the areas of control.

On a tour of the media center on the medical point we met Dalkish Issa, who is in charge of the medical point in Hawi al-Hawa and a member of the Kurdish Red Crescent, :

That the medical point or the field hospital was in cooperation between the Kurdish Red Crescent and the organization (aup), the aim of which is to provide first aid to the wounded war in the city of Raqqa of soldiers and civilians who are targeted by mercenaries by snipers and planted on their way, which lead to injuries and sometimes lead to the death Civilians, we are working to save the sick and wounded..

The hospital has a full medical staff (general surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgeon and nurse). We have five ambulances equipped with first aid, as well as paramedics and nurses.

The point is provided around hour. The medical point also provides treatment for the Syrian people and SDF, who provide them with first aid. The medical point provides medical care and treatment for the back lines, such as the villages where the people returned, which are often exposed to the explosion of mines.

Doctor Dalkish wished the civilians to leave safely from the city of Raqqa and wished safety to the fighters in their fight against terrorism.



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