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New birth of Raqqa in the eyes of her children

With their release, the liberation of their city and the brilliance of those innocent oppressors are born from the labor of oppression they suffered and they are buds of Raqqa and the fragrance of its soil, so read every eye by 7-year-old Ryan Ibrahim who sends the message of life and gives the people lessons of survival and continuity and the bright hope that awaits him.

Mariam al-Issa, 4 years old, was able to give birth after difficult birth, and she only saw terror, oppression and darkness when she and her family were in Raqqa.

Today she sees the new birth of Raqqa and its people after the liberation and returns and plays the anthem of life with a smile and joy next to her city.

Abu Asaad preferred to remain so in his tent, the 50-year-old man said, his vision only knows the challenge and break the deadlock. I do not know how to be useless. I bought some food and people’s daily needs from detergents, canned foods and children’s food. I am happy with my work. I will continue in my life and as dawn shines every day, life will continue and will not stand at anyone as we continue our lives and our pension with them.



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