HomemanshetSeveral terrorists were killed in a qualitative operation

Several terrorists were killed in a qualitative operation

A number of ISIS mercenaries were killed north of the city of Raqqa, who were trying to flee the city during a qualitative operation carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces

Al-Fardus neighborhood and the Kurdish neighborhood in the city center of Raqqa are witnessing continuous clashes between the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces and mercenaries.

During which the fighters managed to control 3 sites belonging to mercenaries in the neighborhood of Al-Fardus

In the meantime, the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters carried out a qualitative operation against a group of five mercenaries who were trying to flee from the city. During the operation, the militants targeted the group, who hid in a house,the operation killed the group.

The clashes continue in the downtown districts.


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