HomedialogueTour to the power station in Manbij

Tour to the power station in Manbij

On a tour of the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces on the Manbij electric station.

 Ahmed Al-Abdullah the station manager told us about its work:”We operate the station 24 hours a day to connect electricity to all aspects of Manbj and its villages, which are under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Manbaj Military Council. The lines are supplied with electricity from 4 pm to 12 pm.

This station is working on the rehabilitation and enlightenment (14) exit (line) distributed as follows:

Two lines heading east of Manbij and reach the Euphrates River towards the villages of Qaraq Cossack, which lights north of the international road.

And the second line, Kubani line: which lights south of the international road to AL-Najem castle east of Manbj city.

The Union Line, which irrigates the western countryside with electricity from al-Arima, and the director of the raids north of the Bozkig and lights its villages.

And also (4) exits within the city, including (diesel_ Hatem_mail_ industry) and distributed on these lines and enlightenment.

And three exits to enlighten the amperes in the city, where these lines are distributed on the network of amperes, which was newly created to provide electricity and extend its life, where the electricity lasts in the city (8) hours thanks to the network Amprat.

And a special outlet for the supply of plants located south of Manbj, and AL-Mankoba line of the north-eastern countryside of the city where it reaches the village of Karata. .

For the villages of Manbij confirmed that the electricity is operated for only two hours a day and at the request of the Department of Dam Tishrin because the dam was able to feed all at the same time due to the low level of water crossing the dam..

There are some obstacles that hinder our work, including the lack of all electrical machines or electrical equipment to maintain the devices located within the station, and appealed to the competent authorities to provide the station supplies to increase the production of electric power .



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