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Women ‘s House: Opening the session of the martyr Hana in Ain Isa

The Women’s House in Ain Aissa opened a training course for women in the Shahina Abdul-Kareem Al-Saqr Academy under the name of the cycle of martyr Hana, which is a closed session.

This session includes 38 members from inside and outside Ain Issa and the number of days of the course (15), an awareness and educational course for women .

Amani Al-Mustafa, the director of the Women’s House, confirmed that all women in this course are improving and increasing their culture day by day. We wish all women to join this session because it is an awareness and education course for all women.

“This course was opened to educate women about the meaning of the martyr and why he was martyred. We work and teach lessons about the meaning of life and freedom and explain it to all women and society,” said Vidane Delbren, the course’s official.

And we try to make these women aware that freedom is not the freedom of fashion and dress codes, and try not to become a mess between women and men and we want freedom of thought and freedom of the relationship between husband and wife and between crumbs and young people and society in general and freedom must be freedom of thought proper sound for the price of martyrs fatigue who offered the most expensive to liberate northern Syria.

Rima Barakat, one of the trainees from Damascus, stressed that my goal of this session is to know my rights and duties as a woman and to be an effective member of society. I can inform the society and benefit from it properly. This course is valuable and gives us excellent ideas and political, social and intellectual ideas. Entering the working life.



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