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43 schools and 20 thousand students follow Mansoura education

Tabqa Civil Council in cooperation with the Education Committee opened the Education Committee in Mansoura city to rehabilitate students to return to schools after a break of more than five years.

 Ahmed Al-Yousef, head of the education committee in Mansoura, told us

The Committee’s Center was opened on 8/8/2017 after a meeting of more than 115 teachers and was chosen according to the certificate and experience, and was elected a joint presidency and archive and finance, and began work on 15/8/2017.

The number of teachers is 1038 teachers, and the number of students in Mansoura and rural areas 20,000 students from all stages, and there are teachers with a university degree, and we toured the schools of Mansoura and its countryside, where the number of schools 75 schools and 43 schools activated we opened.

He added that was appointed 600 teachers and 550 teachers of all specialties and taking into account the proportion of males and females, the priorities of the appointment was for the children of the region and then the certificate that he holds.

We have some difficulties (furniture, seats, bathrooms, student records) and we have secured some seats and damaged ones are being maintained.

Al-Yousef pointed out that the middle school books and a copy of the teachers of the fourth and fifth grades were provided. We are currently conducting courses for the teachers. The rules of procedure were explained and teachers were taught.

Despite all these difficulties, the educational process is proceeding well in the region.



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