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glimpse to the health situation in Ain Issa camp

A number of humanitarian organizations provide health services to the residents of Ain Issa camp, which in turn contributes to alleviating some of the suffering of the displaced on the one hand, and the administration of the camp and Raqqa Civil Council on the other.

These organizations include French Médecins Sans Frontières, where plays an important role in caring for children, where the director and supervisor of the point, Mohamed Diab Al-Hammadi, that the point receives displaced from all governorates and examines the cases and distribute the milk from the age of today to 6 months in addition to the distribution of vitamins and tonics for children Birth.

Securing crutches and chairs for the elderly and disabled and physically treating them.

As for the permanent vaccine, in collaboration with the Civil Council and MSF, the children are vaccinated of all kinds from one month to six years, where the displaced are received every day to receive the required vaccinations and receive many of the displaced daily.



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