HomemanshetCamp School in Ain Issa: distributed 480 school bags to pupils

Camp School in Ain Issa: distributed 480 school bags to pupils

The Education Committee of Raqqa Civil Council distributed school bags to the camp school in Ain Issa in cooperation with Syrian Democratic Council.

The bags were distributed to 480 students. Each bag contains school stationery, pencils and other school needs. The distribution was overseen by Syrian Democratic Council, the head of the Education Committee, Abdul Fattah al-Aker and some education members.

Abdul Qadir Muhid, Director of the Organization of Syrian Democratic Council, said :

After the opening of the school in Ain Issa camp, the first school to be opened inside the camp to revive education among children from 6 to 10 years old, trying to compensate for what they lost during the control of the Dahash organization on the region, today distributed school bags to the students who registered in this The school has 480 bags, one bag per student. The bag contains a set of notebooks, pens, stationery and school supplies.

This was done with self-effort by the Bureau members and in cooperation with the Civil Council and the Education Committee in the Council. We have not received any support from any organization or assistance so far.



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