HomedialogueComprehensive clinics: from health support to patient suffering

Comprehensive clinics: from health support to patient suffering

Comprehensive clinics of the most important health centers in Raqqa city These clinics include all medical clinics and equipped with all medical equipment of imaging and analysis laboratories and devices, free echocardiography and free pharmacy.

The Comprehensive Clinics Center received about 1,000 people from Raqqa every day. The center was staffed by a large number of doctors, nurses, midwives and a number of civil servants.

He was receiving daily all cases of disease, where each patient is sorted to the appropriate clinic to be treated and after being classified by the doctor concerned to dispense medication for free, as this center provides all its medical services from the preview, imaging, analysis and medicines free of charge.

However, after the control of a fanatic became the center lacks many of its health services because of the theft of some of the medical equipment used by the duel at some of its military points and became weak because of the shortage of doctors and nurses and lack of equipment because of pressure imposed by Dahesh.

Where it is the center is through which to conduct tests for patients who need to conduct emergency operations abroad, meaning beyond the scope of control is urgent and after the examination and give the patient permission to transfer abroad must go to / the embassy / as they call them for approval..

In this center, the blood bank has been taken from any facilities for a patient to be treated on the grounds that many patients need blood.


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