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Illumination on Al-Hall market in Raqqa city

Al-Hall market is one of the most important markets in Raqqa city of for the sale of vegetables and fruits is located in the south-east of Raqqa city.

The market is considered one of the important commercial centers in importing and exporting all local and foreign products from vegetables and fruits to many Syrian governorates and neighboring countries where it absorbed a lot of manpower to work in this center and provided job opportunities for many families and sellers traveling in the city and countryside. In bringing their products and direct disposal due to the large demand for local products.

Where many women worked in the market of cleaning and arrangement of vegetables and fruits, while some women bring some agricultural products such as parsley, onions, radish and other grasses where these women sell in the market and women had a significant role in the disposal of some agricultural products.

After the control of ISIS, Raqqa city became impoverished, and the market for labor was lacking in the labor hands, especially women. The women who worked in the market were sold and other jobs. Many of these women did not have any man or son to assist them in the hardships of life.

And ISIS began to monopoly of vegetables and fruits under the pretext of its fighters on the fronts and deprived people of vegetables and products of their country.

It is worth mentioning that Dahash contributed to the decline of agricultural production in the city of Raqqa as a result of the siege imposed on the province and this contributed negatively to the vegetable market.




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