HomenewsJustice Committee in Ain Issa: Progress in resolving outstanding issues

Justice Committee in Ain Issa: Progress in resolving outstanding issues

The Justice Committee in Ain Issa town seeks all its resources to solve the outstanding problems and issues in the town and its villages and to consider all the cases and complaints submitted separately.

Mohammed Al-Dail, a member of the Prosecution Committee and spokesman of the Council, confirmed that they have had many issues since the establishment of the Court before the Commission, some of which are penal and part of which concerns civil aspects in terms of civil disputes.

All issues are considered professionally and impartially, and we separate the cases and solve them. He pointed out that they solved many issues and reformed the families and arrested many of the attacks among the individuals that were due to the absence of justice and the accumulation of problems.

He also stressed the importance of the court to restore rights to its owners and to establish security with the executive and internal security (Asayish) and others.

He also added : We now have projects in addition to separating the differences between citizens and cooperation with the executive authorities to prevent attacks and preventive measures. Now we are cooperating with the executive authorities to monitor the prisons. The problems are solved in cooperation with the other committees.

 As for the cases presented to the Prosecution Commission, most of them concern disputes over real estate, debts and other disputes that do not exceed the limits of beatings and injuries.

And now we inform the executive authorities to control the security and the definition of the limits of citizens so as not to be exceeded, and now we are in the process of establishment and progress day after day growing experience and knowledge.




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